Our Adult Choir

St. Thomas’ Adult Choir sings for the 10 o’clock service, supported by a weekly rehearsal. Choice of music is diverse, ranging from spirituals to the masters to contemporary classics. Numbering around 20 singers, the choir feels blessed to be able to offer musical gifts to the glory of God.

Attendance is excellent, and choir members are diligent in their faithful participation. Worship music is enhanced by a custom built-to-specification two manual Schantz organ, presented in 2000 by a parishioner who was a constant supporter of the church’s music program. There has been remarkable stability in the music leadership of the church. St. Thomas’ has a highly credentialed organist.

Special Events

Traditionally, the Adult Choir participates annually in a Choral Festival of Advent Lessons and Carols on the second Sunday in December, accompanied by a ten-piece chamber orchestra.  During the Lenten season, in addition to Sunday anthems, the choir sings at the Maundy Thursday service and the Good Friday service as well as the celebratory Easter Sunday service.

Choir Retreat

Each August, the choir has an in-house Choir Retreat. During the retreat choir members practice music to be used in future services and have the opportunity to enhance the strong family feeling that exists within the group.

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