Worship Leaders

Altar Guild

The women of the Altar Guild faithfully prepare the church for all worship services. They set up the altar with the necessary Eucharistic vessels, hangings, linens, candles, flowers, and service books needed for each worship service and liturgical season. Following the conclusion of the service, they are responsible for the clean-up process required to prepare for the next service. They also set out and maintain the priest’s vestments. These ladies are also charged with decorating the church for special times of the year such as Christmas and Easter as well as preparing for weddings and funerals.  They also maintain and prepare the portable communion kits used to bring the Holy Sacrament to those who are homebound or hospitalized within the parish.  

Please contact Barbara Massengill if you are interested in joining this important ministry.

Lectors, Lay Readers, and Intercessors

Lectors are members of the parish who are trained to read lessons from Holy Scripture to the congregation during worship services. Lay readers are licensed by the bishop to assist in leading Morning/Evening Prayer services in the absence of a clergy person.  Intercessors lead the congregation in The Prayers of the People on behalf of the church, the nation, our world and the people of our community.

Please contact Karen Huey if you are interested in being a lector or intercessor.  The rector must train and ask for licensing for any who wish to become a lay reader.

Chalice Bearers and Lay Eucharistic Visitors

Chalice Bearers are trained and licensed to assist the clergy in the distribution of Holy Communion by administering the wine from the common cup, or chalice. The Bishop of the Diocese will oversee and license those recommended by the rector.  If you are interested in becoming a chalice bearer, please speak with the rector.

Lay Eucharistic Visitors (what we used to call LEM’s) are trained and licensed members who take communion to the sick and shut-in, immediately following a Sunday service. This is an important pastoral and sacramental expression of our community.  When you take the Blessed Sacrament to those who cannot be with us, you carry the love of the parish with you as a sign of our care, support and concern.  As a LEV, you participate in Christ’s ministry of presence, healing and hope. Please speak with the rector if you wish to become a part of this ministry.


The ushers (men, women, youth) are charged with warmly welcoming parishioners and visitors to worship services. They are also responsible for escorted seating, collecting the offering, bringing the bread and wine to the altar or procurring two persons to do this, alerting the clergy to the number of people who will be receiving the Sacrament, directing the orderly flow of persons to the altar for communion, helping in emergencies and assisting the clergy in identifying newcomers and visitors. They also tidy the sanctuary following the service.  They are called upon to assist at special worship services such as funerals.

Contact Steve Yuskevich if you wish to usher.


This group, of boys and girls or men and women, participate in the sacramental ministry at St. Thomas’ by serving as crucifers, torch bearers, or Bible bearers.  The cruicifer also participates in leading the Psalm appointed for the Sunday service.  They are trained by both the laity and clergy. Acolytes accept the responsibility and privilege of assisting the clergy at regular services and many other special liturgies throughout the year. They play a significant role in our worship and we are very grateful for their dedication and willingness to serve. 

Please contact the rector or Karen Huey if you are interested in serving in this capacity.

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