The Vestry

The vestry members are the trustees of all secular concerns within the church. They are authorized to collect, invest, and disburse funds and enter into contracts on behalf of the parish.  St. Thomas’ uses a 3 year rotation for its 9 member vestry. Those nominated must be confirmed, adult (16 years +) members in good standing.  Elections take place during the parish’s annual meeting which is held in early December.  The Senior Warden and Junior Warden are elected by the vestry members upon nomination by the rector. The Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and Clerk of the vestry are then nominated and elected by the vestry members.

Vestry Members

Serving through 2021:
Kim Hager
Karen Huey, Sr. Warden
Randy Seymore, Jr. Warden

Serving through 2022:
Sue Bullwinkel, Clerk
James Jessup
David Patterson

Serving through 2023:
Cindy Julich
Micki Van Orden
Colin Watson

Andy White serves as the Treasurer of St. Thomas’.

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